Materials are objects found on the world of E.D.N. III, either through natrual occurances or through enemy drops. NEVEC uses these materials as ways to upgrade their armor and weapon's capabilities, along with selling for points. Below is a chart of the materials and where to find them.

Name (English) Name (Japanese) Description Location
Gold Chunk
NV-ADV Chip NEVEC Troops from Advanced Base Missions
NV-FRT Chip NEVEC Troops from Frontier Base Missions
NV-TEC Chip NEVEC Troops from Tech Base Missions

IC-E Chip

Snow Pirates
PL-S Chip Jungle Pirates
FI-R Chip
Jeneumu Genessa
Sepia Shell Sepia
Sydsepia Shell Sydsepia
Torairiumu Trilid
Reibiumu Raibee
Dongiumu Dongo
Coldongiumu Cold Dongo
Saikuro Gear
Guran Gear
Tarai Gear
Purple Ore Material Locations from the Advanced Base
Purple Gem Material Locations from the Advanced Base
? Ore
? Gem
Blue Ore
Blue Gem
Yellow Ore
Yellow Gem
? Ore
Gubante Horn A horn dropped from the Gubante.

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